Theoretical and Experimental Aspects of Arrival Time

July 24th-26th, 2022

This workshop brings together experimentalists, philosophers, and theorists to discuss the impact of arrival-time measurements on the foundations of QM, as well as cutting-edge arrival-time experiments doable with present-day technology.

It’s intended to be an interdisciplinary workshop featuring philosophers, experimentalists, and theorists involved in quantum foundations research.

The workshop revolves around arrival-time measurements in quantum mechanics; it is mainly focused on active discussion (of problems, promises, roadblocks, feasibility), and not merely presentation of specific results obtained by the participants.

At the beginning of each session the organisers and/or invited participants will pitch some thoughts/themes, say, in a short opening remark to everyone, leading to a deeper discussion. The topics covered will be relevant to arrival-time experiments in the context of testing quantum theories currently considered empirically equivalent. A major goal of the workshop would be to plan and encourage the execution of novel arrival-time experiments amenable to present-day technology (e.g., ion-traps, matter-wave interferometry, quantum-optics, etc.). Further details on the format will be specified soon.

Interested participants should write to Siddhant Das ( for further details.