Daniel Sudarsky

Professor of Theoretical Physics

National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)

Research Interests

My field of work is the intersection of gravitation and quantum physics, something that I view as distinct from quantum gravity, in that I explore regimes where semi-classical treatments could give clues about what such theory out to be like, without assuming that we have such a theory at hand, in contrast with the approach taken in most popular research lines that start out by postulating a relatively definite form of a Quantum Gravity Theory.

Topics I worked on, include the so called "black hole information paradox", and the emergence of the seeds of cosmic structure from quantum fluctuations during the inflationary era of the universe. The general subject and approach has led me to interact with people working on the foundations of quantum theory, and to explore approaches to deal with the so called "measurement problem" ( i.e. the fact that an observer playing a particular and distinct role is invoked at the formulation of the theory) and related issues. I have mainly focussed on the approach based on the spontaneous objective collapse theories such as GRW, CSL and variants thereof.

I also work on topics that are not directly connected to those subjects, such as black hole "hair" , the exploration of the dark sector (dark matter / energy), and in searches for novel phenomenology, often seeking to place constraints on possible violations of "fundamental" symmetries (equivalence principle, Lorentz invariance, etc).


Phd. in Physics, Purdue University, USA.

B.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.


International Society of General Relativity

Research Network on High Energy Physics-CONACYT-Mexico

Research Network on Black Hole Physics-CONACYT-Mexico


2018: Second Place in the Gravity Research Foundation (with A. Perez and J. Bjorken).

2004: Marcos Moshinsky Medal.

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