Travel Instructions

Split (Airport)–Hvar

Fly into Split, preferably by the early afternoon at latest. From Split one then needs to get to either Jelsa or Stari Grad on the Island Hvar, and there are three possibilities:

  1. direct water connection from the airport to Stari Grad. This has only just started, and runs at 1PM. See the web site to book tickets. It is the most expensive option (the cheapest class of ticket is 199 Kuna or about $30 each way) but also the most convenient. Off the plane to the boat, then arrive in Stari Grad.
  2. You can take the Airport Bus (not the public transport) to the port and get a ferry or catamaran from there (schedule). The bus is 30 Kuna ($5). The choices then are
    1. a catamaran to Jelsa (fastest) which leaves at 6 PM for 55 Kuna. These catamarans can sell out, so try to get tickets early or online. The trip is 1 hour 40 minutes. The catamaran leaves Split at 16:30 and arrives in Jelsa at 18:10 (see schedule).
    2. a car ferry to Stari Grad. That is 45 Kuna, and the car ferries are large should have space. They are also slower (2 hours). The ferries run frequently to Stari Grad, so you do not have to be worried about missing one (schedule).

As soon as you know how you plan to get to Hvar and when, let us know and we will arrange to pick you up either in Stari Grad or Jelsa.

Hvar–Split (Airport)

  • Direct water connection from the Stari Grad to the airport. See the web site to book tickets. You can also book round-trip tickets.
  • Catamaran from Jelsa to the Port of Split. The catamaran leaves Jelsa at 06:00 am and arrives at the port of Split at 07:40 am (see schedule).
  • Car ferry from Stari Grad to the Port of Split. (Schedule)
  • Airport Bus from Port of Split. (Schedule)